Danielle Rizzolo

Danielle Rizzolo received her BFA in Illustration with honors, from the University of the Arts in May of 2006. Her paintings have been exhibited in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. She has received recognition from Creative Quarterly and CMYK Magazine and some of her clients include Urban Outfitters, The Seattle Weekly, Progressive Magazine and Tu Ciudad Los Angeles Magazine. When she is not making oil paintings she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, singing love songs to
Zoe-Boe, driving her old cars and frequenting flea markets.

I am fascinated with the past. Past times, past people, past places. I am a realist because I like having something to relate to in my work. Reality is recognizable, it can happen. The concept, however, is what allows me to make my pictures something that cannot be found in the real world.

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